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tree stumps as garden seating?

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I have an old fallen log on my property. I thought about using it as some type of seating. Has anyone else done this? I would like to see some pictures if there are any.



Hi L2T i used some Apple Tree Branches 4 Bench Legs in My Garden it has an old plank 4 the seat part but it keeps putting out new growth! lol No Prob though as i just brake it off :)

23 Apr, 2009


I have some logs in my willow dome. Try searching either willow dome or seats and you should find my pics.

23 Apr, 2009


You don't indicate where in the US you are, but the problem with doing this in most of the US is termites. If you are in the desert southwest it will last the longest. If in the south or southeast it will only last 1-2 years. Any untreated wood in contact with the soil has a finite live here. So unless it is a termite resistant wood like Cedar you can use it for a short time only.

23 Apr, 2009


Wohlibuli, that's sad news! Do the termites eat your plants then?

23 Apr, 2009


Termites only eat dead wood. They are endemic to most of N and S America, except the extreme north. Here in the south we are required to have treated our homes for them and carry a termite letter saying the house is free of active infestation. You must present this to the purchaser when you sell the home. They can be a huge problem.

23 Apr, 2009


I'll post a photo now (April 23) on my photo page of what we did, Lovetoteach.

23 Apr, 2009

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