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What is the best food for a fatcia or castor oil plant? Lime or Acid?



Neither, its not bothered, but I will point out that Castor Oil Plant is actually Ricinus, and is a houseplant or half hardy annual outside; Fatsia japonica, despite often being referred to as castor oil plant, is not related to Ricinus in any way, and is hardy outdoors. If your plant is a Fatsia, and its outside, just give it a topdressing of something like Growmore granules, raked or turned into the soil at the base. If it's in a pot outside, something like Miracle Gro general purpose every 4 weeks until June, but not after.

13 Apr, 2012


Fatsia japonica is a tough plant that doesn't normally need any special feeding at all. Just keep it watered if you are worried about it. Or a general fertiliser if you feel you must feed it but , as I say, I don't think it is necessary.

13 Apr, 2012



The very point I was going to make. Fatsia japonica is false castor oil plant but it seems to have lost the 'false' a lot of the time.

14 Apr, 2012


Thanks for all your answers - very helpful.

14 Apr, 2012

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