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Box Hedge planting........


By Jacko1

United Kingdom Gb

My neighbour and I are going to plant a box hedge down our adjoining lawns has anyone got any advice?



Box will take a long time to grow. It'll need a lot of watering in its first year and will need to be trimmed each year to keep it tidy. Hth?

21 Apr, 2009


Trim twice a year, once in late spring/early summer and again at the end of summer/autumn.

It is slow growing but good to look at.

The larger the plants the more height, thats obvious but you can pick them up in small cell packs about 6" high if you are not in a hurry for a few pounds.

I have some in my garden at the bottom of some steps and by my willow dome. The ones by the willow dome had turned slightly yellowish due to the excess water, but are getting better now that it is staying drier.

They like free draining soil, dig in a bit of compost and water well until established, then leave them to the elements.

21 Apr, 2009

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