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We have no hosepipe ban as yet in North Somerset and I have a new lawn, partially seeded, and a new hosepipe. I cannot install an outside tap and cannot connect indoors because of silly taps. have tried the standard Hozelock connector and Hozelock connector for square taps but need an extra large standard connector, the sort with a metal winding strip. Any bright ideas or do I get new taps..?!



You mean a connector with a jubilee clip - I have never yet found a larger size in one - I had to make do with the large square one you mention, even though it sprayed water all over the kitchen at the same time. I gave in and paid someone to fit me an outside tap instead.... If that's not possible, you might just have to have a new indoor tap. Check out the Hozelock website in case they've invented something since I last looked...

3 Apr, 2012


I'm not too far from you and it's looking like rain now, if it does it will be a blessing.

I find Wilkinson good for connectors but perhaps they don't have anything more than you have seen already. Have you tried the extra-large already?

3 Apr, 2012


Thank you Bamboo and Bryony, I would like an outside tap but have a bungalow with ALL the plumbing on one side and garden on the other. Short of digging a trench right through the home there isn't much I can do, but sound suggestion.

I've tried Wilkies and Sanders and looked online and on Hozelock site. No luck. There is a young man outside in the garden digging up a problem area for me and he has tried ProperJob. However, his neighbour is a plumber and he's going to ask for a quote to change my silly taps for something more functional. Will keep you posted!

3 Apr, 2012


I have exactly the same problem. It's a big pain!I had a contraption to fit on the kitchen tap and several episodes of water everywhere. In the I had an outside tap fitted at the wrong end of the house and I feed a (clean) hose through the house, to join onto the garden hose. In a way it's probably a good thing because it's such a performance that I only use a hose when every bit of water has gone from the butts and everything is bone dry. Then I have a major session and absolutely soak everything so that I don't have to do it again for a while!

3 Apr, 2012


Now that I think about it, it should be possible in some way as last week the plumber had to drain down my whole system via a hose runnning through the house, through rooms etc., and be certain that the water wouldn't leak out. They have to do that all the time and surely they can't risk water going all over the place, so they must have some form of connectors. You could try asking the plumbers on the forum, they might have a suggestion

I have had help with plumbing from them before.

4 Apr, 2012


Thank you so much for the ideas, and we seem to have a solution. It's not perfect but it works. I have gone back to the Hozelock square adaptor and with lots of fiddling I found that if I turned on the kitchen tap very slightly, I could get the connector over the tap, with much squirting and spraying everywhere but only for a moment, and the same happens when taking it off.

Not brilliant but it will save me the cost of changing taps at least for now so I'll give it a go. But then - over the last two days we have had a fair amount of rain - not heavy but continous drizzle which has been perfect for the seeded lawn so I am pleased with the situation so far. Thank you for your interest and advice, it's really appreciated.

5 Apr, 2012

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