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Hi,can anybody help


By Katylou

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb


can anybody help, i want to buy which are bare20 Spindle Hedging 60-80cm, Euonymus Europaeus bare root is it too late?

I would also be grateful if anybody knows if they are ever green?

i would also like to know if i have to clip it when i plant it as ive done abit of research and ive found that some hedge plants need clipping when planted .


Thanks for the help and info much appreciated. The trees will be arriving on Thursday so hope the weather changes so i can get them planted straight away.




Probably a bit late for bare-root planting, although I have some of this and it isn't showing any new shoots yet, so you might just get away with it. I'm fairly certain the one I have is E. europaeus, and if it is, then, no, it isn't evergreen. I'm sorry, I have no idea about the clipping part of it. Mine's inherited, probably seeded from the wild stuff that grows round here.

3 Apr, 2012


you may still be able to get it. look in the ads in any gardening magazine.
they are not evergreen and if whips [small plants] then I wouldnt prune this year. small plants will often have been reduced before selling.

3 Apr, 2012

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