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This is a picture of the area of my allotment that will cause me most problems is about 12 foot to the fence and there is the mound of rubble and rubbish that is not the biggest problem but what is under the pile and everywhere is bind weed root and a whole host of other weeds including bramble if I get some weed killer and apply it to the whole area then cover with membrane then use an old shed to make some sort of staging would it be feasible to grow stuff in pots and what veg would do well in mid sized pots the budget is limited so I plan on using some old plastic pot that have been stored away for years the size are around 40cm wide and 40cm deep




My word, you HAVE got a problem there, Steve. If you can clear all the rubbish and dig the place over, wait for the bindweed, etc. to get growing really strongly, and THEN use a systemic weedkiller, possibly using it at double strength, and giving the whole area a season without planting at all, you just might be able to clear it. You will probably have to repeat this a few times during the season. By putting a membrane over the area immediately after treatment, you will cancel out it's effectiveness. I have a similar problem with bindweed, couch grass and mares' tails in my garden, and this is how the local farmers' advice service suggested I proceeded. I think you should give it a go before resorting to staging and pots.
If you do decide that pots are the way forward, though, carrots can do well in those pots, and salad crops would probably be ok, especially spring onions. You could try a few spinach plants, or even a few dwarf french beans, too. Certainly herbs would do well.
The very best of luck, Steve, I think you have quite a job on your hands. Let us know how you get on.

3 Apr, 2012


I agree with Gattina..leave it for a while after treating.We had lots of Bindweed too,but as it had been newly landscaped,by the builders,and planted up,I wasn't able to treat it like you will be able to..but we did finally get rid of it...mostly by took a while,but eventually we have the ideal opportunity to start from scratch good luck..It will be worth it in the end..

3 Apr, 2012

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