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what plants do you use wood ash for in the garden



None, personally, but if you have wood ash to get rid of, place it around non acid loving plants, and only a very little at a time. Onions apparently quite like it.

2 Apr, 2012


Thankyou it seems a shame to let all that ash from the bonfire blow away although in this Irish weather it might take a while to dry out.

2 Apr, 2012


Ah, well if its got wet, its utterly useless. Any potash content in wood ash is pretty low to start with, depending on what wood has been burned to produce it, but once its wet, it's gone. What you have there is a de-acidifying substance with very little nutrient value.

2 Apr, 2012


We use it, but not in very large amounts, round our soft fruit and fruit trees: this is more to stop the clay soil being quite so sticky than for much in the way of nutrition, so, as a conditioner rather than a plant food.

2 Apr, 2012


I thought that one could put wood ash into an old pair of tights (or the like) and soak in water for a few days. That water is good for Tomato/Fruit etc as it is rich in Potash? Better to do that than to add it directly.

3 Apr, 2012

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