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I'm after some advice. I'm looking to get a small pear tree that doesn't grow too big. I don't want green pears, they always seem to be hard even when they're ripe and have no flavour. I would like a variety more like the lovely red coloured pears that are lovely and tender when you bite into them and have a wonderful flavour. The more plumper looking ones. Funnily enough i found one in Aldi and looked to see what variety it was and all it said was premium, so that was no help lol. I really don't know that much about pears. If anyone knows of a really nice pear they can suggest please let me know. Thanks



We have two Williams bon chretien pears, they are a fat juicy yellow pear. (a bit like tinned pears when poached) as with most pears we don,t always get a crop as we sometimes get late frosts which wipes out all the blossom, but in the last couple of years the,ve been superb

29 Mar, 2012

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