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By Japon

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Roots on a Liquidamber slendour sillouette?

3 meters away from the house.......Too close or do the roots just follow the crown width?



This one gets 60 feet - should be a minimum of 45 feet away from a house or structure.

29 Mar, 2012


Thanks for the reply Bamboo 60 feet in height? This version only goes to a 6 foot spread? Surely they are not like the normal Liquidambar trees?

29 Mar, 2012


No, they're not - they only spread up to around 6 feet at maturity - but they still make 60 feet in height.

30 Mar, 2012


Bamboo, thanks for the reply again, So that 60ft in height requires a 45ft root spread?

What if i kept it in check to about 10ft? Would that be ok 3 meters from the house?

31 Mar, 2012


I'm not saying 60 feet in height means 45 feet root spread - its quite hard to predict where roots will go and how far they'll reach. The 45 feet reference is the recommended distance for any tree which gets 25 feet or over (in height) to be planted away from any building or structure so as not to threaten the footings and drains/sewers. More from an architect/surveying point of view than a horticultural one.
Kept at 10 feet high, the roots will not spread so far.

31 Mar, 2012

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