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Holly hedge problem.
For the last two years i have noticed that the leaves are being
eaten around the edges,very similar to a caterpillars method of eating,
have examined the leaves no sign of eggs,larvae,insects.



Go out after dark with a torch and see if its weevils - the so-and-so's come out at night for dinner!

28 Mar, 2012


If the holes are neat but irregular it is probably vine weevils as Cammomile says - black beetle looking creatures with long snouts. If the holes are semi circular it could be leaf cutting bees, but I'm surprised either of them will go for tough holly leaves.

28 Mar, 2012


If the damage is extensive and you are concerned about your hedge then use bug killer spray, in calm weather, after most bugs have gone to bed, and drench the hedge accordingly, getting inside as far as you can. If it is the vine weevil beetle then you do NOT want this in your garden as it will bury its eggs under just about any tasty plant it can find, and especially in pots, and the grubs will eat the roots away!

28 Mar, 2012

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