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Selective Weed Killer
Can anyone recommend a selective weed killer for those pesty weeds which come up next to a favourite plant or around tree bases where you can't dig them out. Also one that allows you can replant in that area.
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You need the one you paint on the leaves but can't remember name. Garden Centre will know. Is it Roundup?

26 Mar, 2012


Roundup does now make a gel formulation - you paint it on the leaves and stems of the offending plant, but don't get it anywhere else. It's not a selective weedkiller though, in that its not fussy, get it on the leaves of one your prize plants and it'll kill that too.

26 Mar, 2012


The only selective weedkillers I know of are those which you use on grass because they don't kill grass but kill other weeds in the lawn.

as others have said you need to paint a weed killer onto weeds keeping it off the plants you want to keep.

You can use Round up on weeds around trees as it won't kill a tree through it's bark

26 Mar, 2012

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