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Starfish - Sedum ?

Port Erroll, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there,

I'm wondering if you can help at least narrow down my search for a succulent I had in my rockery a few years back. I think it was a sedum of sorts, certainly a succulent which grew to approximately 8 to 9 inches in diameter and hugged the ground in the shape of a starfish although I cannot recall exactly how many "fingers" or "arms" it actually had, perhaps five or six. They were individual fingers/arms though just like on a starfish.

Unfortunately I have no further information other than it only lasted the one summer.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Best regards, Garry.



Hum... certainly sounds like it 'could' be a sedum have a look at and see if one of the pix. reminds you of the plant... we've got a couple but neither looks like a starfish :-)

19 Apr, 2009

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