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By Marion1

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I had quite a few mushrooms growing randomly in one side of my border last year, I just pulled them out when they appeared. This year end of Jan/Feb I noticed they had come back so I removed them again and put a fresh layer of top soil on my border and bark. I have just noticed another one growing and I am unsure how to treat these. They are only in one side of the border, I have planted a lot of new plants there over the last few weeks so I have been diging about quite a lot. Are they dangerous and will they harm my plants. I have attached a photo. Many thanks.




The spores are probably in the bark, will do no harm to your plants, personally I'd ignore.

25 Mar, 2012


Can't identify from the photo as you need to see more than the top view. However I can only think of one mushroom that would harm some plants and this isn't it. And it isn't the part above ground that would do the damage anyway. Removing them will have no effect as they are simply the spore carrying body of a large underground system of fine white threads called mycelium. You can safely just ignore them - they will disappear on their own quite quickly but will probably reappear each year until whatever organic matter they are feeding on underground is thoroughly rotted. Most mushrooms are just nature's way of helping to dispose of dead plant material.

25 Mar, 2012

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