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Cherry tomato planting depth

Muncie, Indiana, United States Us

Hey guys. I just bought some cherry tomato plants. The info tag on it says the plant deep, 80% of the plant... do they mean 80% of the leafy stalk? It seems kinda strange to me..? Just looking for advice on if I am thinking correctly.




they will mean the stalk. tomatoes produce support roots from the stem. if this seems too deep go for 50% but dont get the compost too wet initially as you may get rotting off. I tend to repot mine only slightly deeper each time.

18 Apr, 2009


Lainedru, I've had cherry tomatoes come outof my ears, we had that many. I never planted them at all. My daughter threw some left over and gone soggy ones from her lunchbox in my rock garden. Next year I had so many plants and they all produced. I think they grow like weeds, don't worry about being to soft on them, I am sure yours don't need pampering at all. What they do need is water and sun and off they go!

19 Apr, 2009


Thanks everybody! Got them planted. Can't wait!

19 Apr, 2009

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