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Hi, I have a really nice Black Bamboo, which is in the ground in a container. I have just noticed all the top leaves have a sheen on them, it's sticky. There are some white aphids on the underside of the leaves. The bamboo is in a sunny site and doing well, it looks healthy but want to check the if sticky sheen is a problem. Does anyone know what this could be and is it a potential problem. My other bamboos seem the moment.

Thank you for any info :o)



Chances are that if you have aphids, the sticky stuff is the horrible sweet sticky stuff they excrete. Ants love it and will actually "farm" the aphids to get the stuff.

Either spray with a systemic insecticide or with a dilute washing up liquid solution.

25 Mar, 2012


Thank you, I love this plant and don't want to loose it...hope this won't happen. I know I haven't been on this site for a while but it's really nice to know there's some help. I can't spend much time in the garden due to back looking at the the pictures everyone sends in. Hubby going to tidy up for me then perhaps I'll send in a picture...

Thank you again :o)

26 Mar, 2012

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