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home compost heap.


By F40cab

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ive just started making my own compost heap, ive got a good selection of material my girlfriend has horse's and im a chef so i can get lots of manure and veg waste, i started a heap last month using manure and veg matter layered. i covered it whith clear plastic sheets and black bin bags, after a few days it was giving off some good heat so i know it was working after a week i turned it all over and mixed it, but after this it went cold and after another couple of weeks i had nothing so digging through and i cant see any food matter in there just bits of manure, it seems to quick to have composted down. so i've know started another heap using just veg waste, again started well nice and warm, after couple weeks turned it over a week later its now gone cold and wet, what am i doing wrong, every time i turn it it cools down, i thought you was suppose to turn the heap on a regular basis. please help as i am now going to start another heap, whats the best way to get the most from all this waste and free manure. thank you andrew



Andrew, you are turning your heaps too quickly. Make a new heap with some of your old half- composted materials, 4inches high, 4 inches new until you fill your compost heap. Tread it down well, soak it with water, cover with a piece of polythene, leave for 6 weeks before turning, then leave uncovered for 4 weeks. It should be ready then.

18 Apr, 2009


ok thank you for your help i'll start again and leave it this tim,e hopefully it should work.

22 Apr, 2009

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