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If I treat some ground with weed killer will it be possible to grow on that patch again and if so will it be weeks/months rather than years



Depends on the weedkiller Steve. Read the instructions which should make it clear how long from applying to planting anything. If you are concerned take a small sample of the soil you've treated and try to grow something very simple on it like cress, if that doesn't grow then nothing else is likely to either!

24 Mar, 2012


Usually, any weedkiller which is supposed to work in the ground rather than 'through the green', (meaning you apply directly to the growing leaves) has a residual effect in the soil, so nothing will grow there for a while. Pathclear and Bayer Path Control would be examples of that.

24 Mar, 2012


If you use glyphosate it works through being absorbed through the leaves so the soil is unaffected. It doesn't prevent new weeds germinating though. anything that does that will make the soil unsuitable for growing anything else for at least six months.

24 Mar, 2012

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