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hi all i was wondering if any of you could tell me the name of this plant,thank you if you

2012_03_23_173551 2012_03_23_173606



If what you want an id for is the tree/shrub we need a photo of the whole thing please

23 Mar, 2012


Could it be wisteria, the buds look similar but I am not sure.

23 Mar, 2012


the bottom picture is the full plant.its aboutfour ft high, ii aint able to rotate the picture with the console im using

23 Mar, 2012


Sorry no idea... the 2nd photo does not give enough definition. It could be a lot of shrubs.

23 Mar, 2012


Put another pic on when the leaves are fully open, I feel sure you`ll get an answer then...

23 Mar, 2012


Ok ill update the picture when it fully opens,thanks for your help

24 Mar, 2012

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