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Can I take cuttings of Solanum now? if so, what length, and thickness.



I took lots of solamum crispum cuttings for the first time last year . I started mid July and finished about mid September. I'd say Mid August is the perfect time.

I took 6 inch long pencil thickness cuttings (or a bit thicker )and put them 10 to a one litre pot containing a mix of one part horticulturtal sand to 3 parts potting compost. I put them in a shaded coldframe.

They root in about 3 - 4 weeks.

Here they are

I had a 100% success rate and I would say they're one of the easiest cuttings to root.

I over wintered them in an unheated coldframe outdoors and they survived -12 centigrade

I shall be potting them up into individual pots soon

23 Mar, 2012


This is a good article on solanum

23 Mar, 2012

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