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Perthshire, United Kingdom Gb

here is the loads of free begonias from a certain online supplier, but what do I do with them to get them to grow. Little buds are showing on them....ooooh this is a steep learning curve.



Same here! I put mine in a seed tray and barely covered them with a sprinkle of compost - careful watering so as not to get the corm centre wet. The shoots are now coming up - I am guessing that when the danger of frost is over, I can plant them out in a container.

Being freebies, I don't know if they are upright or trailing ones!

17 Apr, 2009


i put mine in shallow pots with the bottom half of the corm in the compost. watered sparingly and kept frost free in the greenhouse. so far 3 are growing the other 2 are not. dont know if mine are trailers either.

17 Apr, 2009


Many thanks. Have done what you have suggested, so now I guess I just sit back and wait...with fingers crossed!!

18 Apr, 2009

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