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Hi, am living in Thailand. Just been given two plants that look a bit poorly. Question is: What plants are they and how do I get them looking better and staying that way?

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The taller one looks like a dracaena - the other one could be too. The first one looks a bit sun scorched and I would suggest they stay in a light but not full sun position. They would probably benefit from drinking rain water but not overdoing it, and the odd feed. Having looked at the picture again, has someone been overzealous with the watering?

23 Mar, 2012


Thanks for that! I'm not much of a plant expert at all so any idea if they will be ok out there on the balcony? Tropics. Daytime average 90 degrees and nighttime 75 degrees. Can get quite windy, as on the coast.

I think probably yes, could well be overwatered.

23 Mar, 2012


That does sound warm. I can't see why not as long its not in full sun. You could try misting it occasionally too - unless you get a lot of rain on the balcony.

23 Mar, 2012


Hi again, no theres never any direct sunlight where either of them are at the moment. There is a large canopy going way over the top of them.

Still the dry season here so hardly see any rain at all. It will rarely get below about 77 degrees at night . It's 3.30 am now and still 83 degrees out. It should stay that way until June or so. When it does rain it blows in across that balcony so if the plants are here still I will place the small one down on the ground near the big one. It will still get damp but not drenched frequently.

Many thanks for the advice. If they get better I will see if I can post a picture somewhere!

Thank you!

23 Mar, 2012

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