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In the process of moving to central Portugal where almost every garden has one or more palm trees. We are lucky enough to have been able to build a swimming pool and I wanted to plant a couple in the pool area. I can't seem to find out how these plants roots work, i.e. do they spread (we have pipes and things that might be disturbed by spreading roots) and/or how fast do they grow. You can buy them in any height I think and I think the variety may be chamaerops excelsa. Can anyone help. Depending on advice I get I will either plant one or keep in in a (very) large pot.



The roots are not a problem; they are not too thick and not strong, so will not break a pipe for example. Conversely if in a windy spot they do fall over. We planted them around the boundary of our house in Joburg and have them in pots in the UK if that helps.

5 Apr, 2012


Thank you! Helps a lot we had just about decided to grow them in pots as we have seen a few about growing in that way.

5 Apr, 2012


They take a good watering in summer sun in pots - even standing water but come winter they need none at all. I put some pebbles around the top to stop too much evaporation. This time of year the lower leaves die off - so you will need to cut them off, a bit frightening at first as you think they are dieing. Apart from that they are no trouble at all.

5 Apr, 2012

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