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Camelia issue : Now, i know next to nothing about gardening but i'm sure one of you will know if i'm doing anything wrong.

Five years ago i spent £95 on a 6 foot camelia(just couldn't wait for it to grow). At point of purchase it had one red flower and after i planted it in my garden it promptly died, never to flower again. During the next few years my knowledge of plants, soil types etc. increased and i soon realised that i have akaline soil! Ayway the tree nearly was given up on and then after putting it in a pot with lots of erocasous compost, wonder of wonders it started to bud profously! My question now is -why are the leaves still looking all yellow and brown, even though it is covered in buds??. Is this just lack of water or does it need some kind of food - if so -what do you recomend?

To help you a photo is included.

P1010135 P1010137



It looks as though it is starved and needs a really good feed,Redmaple..and they soon get very dry,especially in a pot..A tree this size would be much better off in the ground..If you dug out a lot of the soil,and replaced with Ericaceous compost..I'm sure it would be ok..I don't have the correct soil either..but mine does really well..they need lots of water in the summer,to form buds for this time of year..and if you have a north facing position,it would be ideal..I would be very disappointed if I had paid so much for one....although to be honest,I wouldn't ...

21 Mar, 2012


I agree, a good ericaceous feed 3-4 times a year, keep it moist and it will look much greener. I would be tempted to move it to semi-shade as it will dry out too quickly in full sun.

21 Mar, 2012


The pot's too small - needs a much bigger container is my guess, with fresh ericaceous compost, although I can't see how deep the current pot is from the picture. I'd buy a much larger pot and the compost, then turn out the plant when those three flowers are done, repot and prune it back by a third. Keep well watered, ensure good drainage in the pot, keep the pot off the ground by using something like pot feet to have a small gap between the pot and the surface beneath.

21 Mar, 2012


Thanks to one and all. I know the pot looks small in the pic. but i assure you it's not. Anyway, today i bought some ericasous food for it and put the pot on stands. So will see how it goes!

Once again - thanks

23 Mar, 2012


For a shrub with that sort of height and thickness of stem, I'd expect the container to be a minimum of 2, but preferably 3 feet deep or more, and 2 feet wide.

24 Mar, 2012

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