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can i get anthink to stop my dog from peeing on my plants

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my dog keeps peeing on some of my plants and then they start to die



when will you ansser my question please

16 Apr, 2009


When someone who has an answer has the time. We are all gardeners who are here for fun - possibly no one has an answer for you... we kep cants so I can't help at all!

16 Apr, 2009


i had the same problem and couldnt find a way to stop him. i ended up splitting my garden into two. fenced off patio area with pots for the dog and another area for my plants.

the people on this site are very helpful just give them time they may be at work or with the family etc

16 Apr, 2009


it sounds gross but try rubbing his wee on a cloth and put that where you do want him to wee and train him to go to that area

other than that a boot up the bum may help!!

(only kidding I dont reccomend any violence towards animals)

16 Apr, 2009


Garden centres sell stuff to keep cats off and I'm sure I've seen something for dogs too.

16 Apr, 2009


Most animal related problems take time and effort to resolve, in my experience anyway. Also what works for one animal doesn't for another.

The suggestions I have heard people put forward in the past might be worth trying, to see if they work in your case.

One is laying coffee grounds around the plants, the theory being that dogs don't like the smell and will keep away from the plants.

Another is liberally spraying the plants and grass with one cup ( American measurement) of baking soda per gallon of water over the plants that he wees on to help neutralise it. It needs to be done at least three times a week.

Another is using the urine of a human male sprinkled around the perimeter of a property. (If the dog is dominant he might want to wee even more though to cover it with his own smell).

Another is to sprinke cayenne pepper over the plants. Apparently dogs don't like the smell of it.

Another is to infuse garlic in water ( not sure if it needs to be cooked in the water) optionally mix it with tabasco sauce and then spray it over the plants. Again dogs are supposed to not like the smell of it.

I'd be tempted to make a small fenced toilet area for the dog and train him to use that only. It would mean only letting the dog out on a leash in the main garden initially until he knew he was no longer allowed to wee on the plants. It would mean being with him and catching him on lifting his leg with a firm "no" and moving him away so he understood he was no longer allowed to do this.

16 Apr, 2009


they are good ones weedfingers, was starting to sound like a recipe with the cayenne and garlic just and Dog and leave to simmer hehe
x x x

17 Apr, 2009


well the dog is not just weeing hes marking as way of dominating his seams radical but if you desex him and he is young and not realy got into the habit of cocking it could well stop him and at the same time he will be a dog that is easier to socialise,train etc.the only other options i think are to fence him of from your plants as weed sais or just make your pots higher than he can wee on high pot stands , bricks etc.if it was indoors you could use pepper etc as dogs always sniff before they wee

17 Apr, 2009


how big is your dog? i used to have pugs and they peed on everything. ended up putting up some green 60cm high plastic netting (for want of a better word) to keep them out of the borders and raised pots so their tops were out of range, The pugs still tried to hit the plants, but only managed to hurt a few leaves. then my father came for lunch with his GSP and she jumped straight over the barricade to relieve herself! The green stuff comes in rolls of different lengths and is very versatile. It actually doesn't look too bad once plants grow over and through it...

17 Apr, 2009



17 Apr, 2009

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