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By Linnie

can I cut anemone flowers
and will they flower again please you answer would be appreciated Linda



Hi, Linda!
What kind of Anemone is it? Poppy-Flowered Anemones (A. coronaria) will produce more blooms if they are deadheaded, and Japanese Anemones...but A. blanda, not so much.

20 Mar, 2012


Thank you for that they are the poppy type.
This is all new to me but I will try and put on a photo at some point. Iwill dead head when the time comes
once again thank you

20 Mar, 2012


If you want the flowers for the house you can cut them - only need deadheading if you leave them on the plant!

20 Mar, 2012


And if they are in containers, you might need to feed them to get continued bloom.

20 Mar, 2012


Thank you for your help with my anemonie question
much appreciated

3 Apr, 2012

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