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dying dracaena plant

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the plant was over watered and i found furry stuff on the top of the soil, so i repotted the plant with fresh houseplant soil, and i removed the brown leaves. everything was fine for a while and the plant seemed to pick itself up. but within the past month or so the plant has has got worse there are so many brown leaves and it looks like its dying.. can any one suggest something

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Sorry but r.i.p

16 Apr, 2009


Yeah I agree, the combination of overwater ring is the main cause of killing most houseplants! Sometimes removing a couple of inches of the soil and allowing it to dry out can revitalize most plants, but it may be too late

16 Apr, 2009


oh no... how sad!

dont give up on it yet, try putting it in a warmer area with some sunshine
looks how I feel, in need of a warm holiday

x x x

16 Apr, 2009


r.i.p. like I said - if you overwater it is unlikely you will get the plant to survive no matter what you do. Odd as it may seem the roots of all plants need air - if they don't get that the plant dies. OVerwatering simply drowns the plant just as you or I would drown stuck in a deep container with water over our heads. As Wink08 says more house plants are killed off by overwatering than anything else...

Moonkins looking that plant no amount of warmth is going to revive it - meantime keeping it in the house near other house plants is not a good idea as it could be infected.

17 Apr, 2009


ooh dear i didnt realise that
how sad, sorry sarah
x x x

19 Apr, 2009

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