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I have a 6ft Cordilyne which looks as though its dead, no new growth at all for a year now.
I took the procaution of wrapping the lower trunk with fleece for the winter, only to remove it today to find a rotten base of the tree, which has been a home for wood lices.
I thought yes it's dead now, but then i noticed a few root shoots coming out from above the rotten hole, about 8 inches from the ground.
I am wondering should I put a large pot over it, with the bottom missing and if I filled it up with dirt, would it re root itself in time?
Or should i just give up on it?
Any comments welcome.



If the base is rotten, and particularly if it has any orangy weeping stuff anywhere, or it smells, cut it down. If the roots are okay, you should get new growth from the base.

18 Mar, 2012

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