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Hey guys! I managed to pick myself up a 2m tall Acacia Lonfolia for $5 yesterday at a fundraiser! Much like the rest of the plants there it looks like it could do with some major tlc! It has blotchy yellow/brown leaves (lush green ones at the top of the tree) and it's also sitting in a tiny pot!
My first thought is it probably needs some water and to be repotted or planted straight into the ground.. but I'm not sure what to do from here! I'm not really an avid gardener so any advice would be fantastic! Thanks!

On plant Acacia

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You could check the roots by taking it out the pot. It could possibly do with being taken out the pot and replanted as soon as possible. Also you could apply some mycorrhizal fungi to the roots, the plant will love it and you for it.

When you water it, use some seaweed extract in the water as this will also give it a boost.

I'm not sure if the leaf marking is some form of rust or fungal problem.Check to see if it gets better after you give it some love. Acacia Longifolia are beautiful plants in many ways, enjoy.

19 Mar, 2012


Thanks very much for the advice! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

21 Mar, 2012

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