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how should I remove dandelions from my lawn? Thanks


By Elkie

United States Us

Helping elderly friend whose new lawn has dandelions how can I best remove them without disturbing the grass too much?



I would use something like 'Weed and Feed' which you can get from your local garden centre, read the instructions and that has worked for me in the past. The other alternative is to dig them up, but the tap roots go down really far and if you break them they will grow from the little piece left in the soil. Make sure you do it before the flowers have turned to seed as they will blow all over the lawn.

16 Apr, 2009


You could use a pinch of salt in the very eye of each plant - it dehydrates the tap roots through reverse osmosis.

16 Apr, 2009


Or a sharp knife straight down, round and up. The disturbed soil is just 'heeled' in.

16 Apr, 2009


good tip about salt there, didn't know that, I'll try it.
I used to have a really good dandelion digging tool, which was just a long thin kind of scoop shape. I think I'll invest in another one. The first one disappeared...

16 Apr, 2009


they were called daisy pullers when i was little:o)

16 Apr, 2009

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