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Hot zone Daffodils.
I am getting ready to order the fall bulbs for the nursery, and I was wondering if any of you folks in hot summer, mild winter climates--i.e., parts of Australia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, India, or the southern United States and Mexico--had any suggestions for Daffodils, Jonquils, and other Narcissus that would perennialize easily in my extreme climate. Any info welcome! : )



Would need to ask around, never seen Daffs in Jo'burg, ZA though it can get snow due to being 6000Ft. Only noticeable bulb plants I can ID are Alliums, Agapanthus and Lillies - they prefer shrubs and landscaping plants like Palms, Bamboo, Grasses and even Jasmine etc. I know people who kept Tulips in paper bags the fridge to get their cold period. Perhaps you could do the same with Narcissus? failing that you could treat them as annuals??

How cold does it get in AZ?

16 Mar, 2012


Hello! Thompson & Morgan have produced a summer flowering daffodil that may be worth a try (narcissus erilcheer? I think). Polyanthes tuberosa is also worth a try if you can lift and store over winter - easiest for pots. The same for nerines.

16 Mar, 2012


Most Daffodils don't need so much chilling, here, K. The trouble is our killer soil temps in summer, up to 43º C (110º F)! Some Daffs can do that, but some can't! I have my own list of those that will perennialize, but I was hoping for something different this year.

Avkq, 'Erlicheer' does fine here, along with all of its cousins, the N. tazetta hybrids, but it is far from summer blooming--February at the latest.

17 Mar, 2012

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