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I have a tree that someone bought for my son that pass away last april and the flower shop told me it was a duranta and we planted it in the ground last year and i dont know how to care for it it looks a a regular tree right now and it also has a ceramic bird on it and butterflies love it.



Sorry to hear of your loss.

You must live somewhere warm all year to have Duranta as a perennial 'tree'. They tend to have blue or violet colored flowers that are similar to Busy Lizzie flowers. Very nice plant that can grow pretty big and bushy. They need full sun and prefer soil that is acidic and moist. They sometimes produce berries (which are poisonous!). I have seen them as standards (kind of lollipop shaped) in a pot otherwise they are a good screening plant. Keep moist and in full sun and they will keep om going.

14 Mar, 2012


I've found that they are also heavy feeders, so unless your soil is unusually fertile, you will need to use something like citrus food monthly to keep it green and blooming.

14 Mar, 2012

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