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I am trying to create a new border with tallish plants which will grow roughly the same height. I have planted already Daisy Highland Dream and next to that Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' to go next to this I am looking for a tall purple plant to complement these two, I have been looking at Lavender Hidcote Giant but I am struggling to find this on the internet, the giant types seem to be scarce, so I have been looking at instead Salvia nemorosa 'Amethyst or Agastache 'Black Adder'. I am going to repeat the Moerheim beauty next to it followed by the highland dream daisy. Does anyone have any experience of the Salva or Agastache or can you recommend anything else, its for a really sunny border and I would like it to flower in the summer, I am going to try to plant in a drifts. Many thanks.



Marion1 Arne Herbs (Limeburn Nurseries) in Chew Magna BS40 8QW is listed in the RHS Plant finder as stocking Lavandula x intermedia Hidcote Giant. Best to phone them to check on opening hours and availability 01275 333 399. It is a shrubby plant but I guess you know that already and should stay a little bit evergreen so giving you colour throughout the year. It will need to be cut back after flowering too. I hope you find it and look forward to seeing your border develop. The Rocky Mountain Nursery a bit further out is also excellent.

11 Mar, 2012


the salvia is a stunner and a good doer, I wouldnt be with out it.
Agastache is a good blue flower too.
more into the purples is the Verbena rigida 2-3 ft tall
veronica spicata are similar are in blues but wont flower all summer long.

11 Mar, 2012


Thanks to you both for your help. Scotsgran I have just looked at the website and they seem to have some pretty unusual varietis of plants and better still I am in Bristol and they are too, its a small world lol. I am in a bit of a dilema now Seaburngirl (by the way is that Seaburn in Sunderland as that is my origional neck of the woods) I am toying now with the idea of salvia now you say its stunning.... I hate making decisions like this!

11 Mar, 2012


Echinacea purpurea is a lovely long flowering plant at 1.2m, also some of the ruddbekias form huge clumps of perrenial flowers at 5-6ft and flower forever from early summer to the first frosts. Both need circular support. Have you also thought of eryngium? Agastache blue summer I have not grown but heard good results about, as it is drought tolerant, and likes a poor soil.

11 Mar, 2012


Glad to be able to help. My daughter lives south of Bath and Bristol and chose to live near Chew Valley Lake because they are all sailing mad. She too came down from your neck of the woods having studied Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Northumbria Uni.
I know the area reasonably well because she is a keen gardener and took on a very neglected garden with nothing in it at all. It had had turves laid badly over a badly prepared base.

11 Mar, 2012


yes SEaburn as in sunderland I grew up there. 5mins walk into the sea if the tide was out. oh how I miss it. 3-4 trips up there every year to visit family.

12 Mar, 2012

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