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I have a solanum jasminoides climber which flowered profusely last Spring & Summer however there doesn't seem to be any signs of flowering this year. I have not pruned it -is this the problem? If so what are your tips on pruning?
Many Thanks



Hi Linda

Mine died last year I had the purple form (potato vine) its meant to survived down to minus 5 , but young plants just cant take it.

So I would suspect the winter may have killed it off , I would sctratch the stem to see if you can see any green if not try lower down the plant.

What part of the UK are you as you may need to give a heavy bark mulch in late summer and fleece to protect it I know here we had minus 10 but only the once this time but I was still thinking what plants needed more protection


11 Mar, 2012


If your plant has leaves and looks healthy, showing new growth otherwise, I'd say it's too early for it to be showing buds for flowering. It is still only early March, so although it feels as if we're well into spring, even late spring, we're not. This plant usually starts flowering, if you're lucky, late spring, otherwise early summer, not before. I don't know where you are in the UK, but if anywhere in the south or East Anglia, check that its not suffering from drought.

11 Mar, 2012


I have 2 jasmine clotted creams which I planted last year ( I know its a different variety) but its supposed to be evergreen and it lost its leaves, I thought mine were dead too but on closer inspection the new leaf buds are just starting to come out so I have just very carefully trimmed the dead leaves off. I agree with Bamboo, I would wait a while before making any decisions.

11 Mar, 2012

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