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we planted some tube stock Camellias and one of them has broken of due to my dog treading on it,do you think it will grow back or do we need to buy another one?



Hard to say, Angels. How much of it is left--any leaves?--and how long was it in before the dog ran it down?

10 Mar, 2012


not much left now just a little stump no leaves on it or should I say a twig, probably was in the ground for about a month before my dog went over it.

11 Mar, 2012


Ouch! Not much hope, then. I would give it a light acidifying feed, and watch it for another month, before deciding its fate, though.

11 Mar, 2012


thankyou for your thoughts on this matter.

11 Mar, 2012


You're welcome, Angels!

13 Mar, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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