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By Diamond

County Down, United Kingdom Gb

Hello again everyone.. today i have a few more pics and hoping yet again that one of you helpful readers will be able to help me identify them..Thank you :0))

Plant_4 Plant_5 Plant_3



The first one looks like a hypericum (St Johns Wort) to me. Second one - is it arabis or aubretia (always get these two mixed up) and third one is rhubarb (definitely!!)

9 Mar, 2012


I have never seen a Rhubarb plant before(shame on me lol) but that does not suprise me as the lady that lived here once made jam..tarts and allsorts :0)) The garden is full of Berries and Brambles etc. Sadly the lady died and apparently and the garden hasnt been tended too by the last occupants for the last 3 years. Im going to try and keep as much of the ladies plants as i can hence the pics posted(cant look after what i cannot even name eh :0).. must have been beautiful at one time :0)) Thank you for your help, Very much appreciated !

9 Mar, 2012


yes agree the first is an Hypericum, lots of different types though.
the second is aubretia and the third rhubarb.

9 Mar, 2012


Thank you all.. I do have 2 more pics that i could do with help to identify and i hope this is ok and its not being too cheeky to ask of you all :0)

9 Mar, 2012


Ask away Diamond!!

9 Mar, 2012

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