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By Marion1

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone,

I have 2vHydrangea Bombshells in my garden, I planted them last year and they were fairly young plants. I did get some super flowers on them and then like everything else they dropped their leaves. I did unfortunately dead head them last year and I have since learnt not to do this until new shoots grow. Everything else in my garden is coming along just fine apart from these, they are not showing any leaf buds but my other hydrangeas (different type) are racing along. Could they be dead? Also I planted a climbing campus madame galen last year, it grew but no flowers, I did expect this as it was its first year but this one also is not showing any new leaf buds could this also be dead? Thanks for your advice.



Campsis is always late coming into leaf. It is a bit surprising that your hydrangeas are showing no sign of life at all, not even any faint greening of any buds. Are there any buds present? Scratch the wood of the stems to see if they're green beneath.

7 Mar, 2012


I have one of these new Bombshell hydrangeas and, like yours, it is showing no signs of life. But, it is not dead (scratch test) so I'm going to wait and see. It is supposed to be frost hardy to -20, so it should be ok?

7 Mar, 2012

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