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I have a magnolia tree in my garden which didnt get pruned in the autumn. Last major prune was 3years ago. Is it a bad time to get it done this month? I know I will loose flowers but will it be alright for rest of year and will it flower ok next spring? Thank you



Which magnolia do you have? We don't prune ours at all as it is stellata and therefore slow growing. Pruning of any tree now is really not advisable as the sap is up in the stems and you are going to stress the tree more. Why not wait until this autumn to prune.

7 Mar, 2012


Hello, Thanks for your reply. My magnolia is a large tree with the tulip shaped buds and pink flowers think its called a 'grandiflora'?
Wanted it pruned as it caused so much shade last summer, and the slot I had to get it done last autumn had to be cancelled due to bad weather!
Looking at it this morning think I will leave it until it has flowered now as buds are really beginning to show.
Am new to this site so thanks again for replying. I had a quick look at your garden photos and it looks lovely, do like what you are doing.
All the best

8 Mar, 2012


Hi Sandie glad I could help, if possible best prune mid summer to autumn. If the tree is going to be heavily prune you'll need to watch that you don't get watershoots (long, vertical, vigorous shoots) and dieback.

8 Mar, 2012

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