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Mowing lumps


By Phillro

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

What is the best tool that I should buy for regularly mowing mounds? These were created by stacking turves when our allotment was dug, and are now long mounds about 6 yards long, 18 inches high and 2 feet across, covered in grass that I now want to keep fairly trim, along with the grass around. No electric supply. Only three of these mounds to tackle every couple of wweeks in the season. Our push motor mower won't go up the mounds.



Sounds to me as though there's not a lot of choice for you - shears and elbow grease! It won't be too big a job - I do all the edges of our large lawns with shears.

13 Apr, 2009


What about a strimmer? We've bought a cordless one, much safer without the power cord getting in the way.

13 Apr, 2009


Thank you for your answers. Does a strimmer leave grass looking passably similar to the result of mowing?

13 Apr, 2009


Yes, Phillro, not bad at all. We bought it to use at the cemetery to keep a grave tidy, does the trick nicely.

13 Apr, 2009

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