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Hi there,
I need plant suggestions for a border garden that will serve as a screen for privacy (6-10 ft) that surrounds my front yard. I would prefer some evergreen specimens for year round privacy. There is currently a deciduous hedge of unknown species. It has a gaping whole at the front where the previous owners parked their boat. I could probably plant curbside as well as a few feet on the interior of that hedge. I am also not attached to the hedge itself. Any thoughts? We are south facing, clay zone 6. I am fond of a loose natural looking border. Thanks in advance. The area in question is about 35' square. Plans/layouts would be MOST appreciated!

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Hmm...35 ft. doesn't leave you a lot of room for a "multi-layer defense", Greenny. In a perfect world, I'd opt for removing the old hedge, replacing it with an informally trimmed evergreen hedge, maybe zig-zagged a little to provide planting bays on both inside and outside, for flowers and flowering shrubs. Others will probably be able to help you more with the plant palette, since it would be far different from what I am used to. What part of Canada are you gardening in? That will go far toward helping us know the kind of climate you are working with.

4 Mar, 2012

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