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We are overrun with wild garlic, how can we rid ourselves of this please.



With great difficulty, I'm afraid. I've never yet found a weedkiller which works, other than ones which poison everything in the ground. Digging them out is the only option, carefully making sure you get all the bulbs, roots and tiny offset bulbs out at the same time, and repeat the process any time you see the leaves appearing.

2 Mar, 2012


It's ghastly isn't it - we have the same problem. Just keep pulling it up. We have Allium triquetrum (also known as wild garlic or three cornered leek), and like A. ursinum (wild garlic, or ramsons) the plant is edible. I like the leaves chopped like spring onions in salad & suitable sandwiches. I've seen the leaves used in pesto and the bulbs are quite sweet eaten raw. Perhaps we can popularise it as a gourmet delight and invite people to come and "pick your own"! That might help keep it under control. A. triquetrum produces bulbils from the flowers as well and it spreads horribly.

2 Mar, 2012


Try the leaves in a ham sandwich - lovely.

2 Mar, 2012


Thank you for your comments and a pick your own sounds good idea! I Will try making a soup perhaps.

2 Mar, 2012


Hello, I have successfully cleared this from a current large garden, where it was going rampant in all the beds and even in the stone path. The only way, following trial and error in the past, is to constantly dig it up as a weed, burn it and definitely do not allow it to flower and seed. If you are short of time in the garden, just go around cutting/pulling out the flower heads. The bulbs go in deep, like bluebells, so you will need a stout long border fork. If they break off, they will come back, but at least you may have stopped it from flowering and re-seeding. If there are no other plants around then glyphosate sprayed (twice!) will work. A year on and I now have the odd one coming through. Eating it is like a wonderful sort of revenge ... Just like ground elder (poor man's spinach) - yum!!

2 Mar, 2012


I can't get enough garlic and I'd love some wild garlic in one of my smaller plots, is it possible to cultivate it ? (still a beginner ) !

3 Mar, 2012


Oh gawd, Hank, take a tip from me and don't let it anywhere near your garden soil. Once in, you'll be digging it out for years - I know, one of my clients has it and, despite 3 different attempts at seriously digging it out (took hours and hours, had to dump some soil too) I still find clumps popping up all the time - and that's after 20 years. If you must try it, restrict it to a pot and don't let it seed.

3 Mar, 2012


Hello Hank ... The wild garlic has very tasty leaves for salads etc, but as Bamboo says, it will go rampant and spread very far and very wide. I would not recommend introducing this to any garden.

Just grow garlic, as much as you like, from cloves. It is very easy to plant (I do this every autumn) and it totally looks after itself, in all weathers, until ready for cropping late summer. No nitrogen feeds. It also keeps well ... I am still eating last year's crop!

3 Mar, 2012


Thanks guys, I guess wild garlic is not such a good idea after all.

8 Mar, 2012

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