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Hello, I'm afraid this is a few questions rolled into one!What is best to feed honeysuckle [in large pots] and when?When should I feed mature conifer hedges?Do you prune patio roses [in pots.]?Also, [in a container] should I prune a thin leggy climbing rose[Penny Lane].?



Hello Freeasabird.
Regarding your honeysuckle I was once told by an elderly gardner that honeysuckle and clematis like a handful of lime in the Spring and some fish, blood and bone in the Spring and Autumn. Mine are not in pots but I would think the same applies. Otherwise an all round fertiliser.
Patio roses I only prune if they become very "leggy" and uneven. The other rose I do not know about.
Hope this will help.

2 Mar, 2012


Only do remember that the handful refers to plants in the ground - it would be far too much for a pot! In pots you might be safer using a balanced liquid feed monthly through the growing season.

2 Mar, 2012


The patio rose should be cut down quite low about now. The climbing one is thin and weak because it's in a pot - they really need to be in the ground. Now is the time to prune those as well, so you could try cutting it back to see if it encourages better growth, but it may not. Feed your roses with a specialist rose food such as Toprose.

2 Mar, 2012


I do think that a bigger rose like Penny Lane would do better in the ground if you had room?

2 Mar, 2012


thank you all for posting helpful replies. yes, roses do better in the ground but need a container so maybe i should rethink having a rose in it.On the other hand we have a zepherine in a container, and that's not too bad, but penny lane has gone awful.

3 Mar, 2012

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