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What's The Difference Between Top Soil And Regular Soil?
(I'm Serious It Isn't A Research or Exam Question!! I just need to know the question!!)



This, and the question above, sound remarkably like exam or test questions to me. If this is the case 514352 then you need to do your own research to discover the information. If we just give you answers a) for the sand soil it is likely to be of no help as most of us are UK based and b) it does not help you to learn. If I am wrong on this and you are just asking our of curiosity please accept my apologies but we get a lot of students asking these sort of questions.

21 Feb, 2012


I've put something similar on the next post MG.

21 Feb, 2012


Thanks SBG

21 Feb, 2012


Ditto, vague questions always sound like homework to me.

22 Feb, 2012



22 Feb, 2012

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