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how to kill off the roots of established bushes ?


By Cow

kent, United Kingdom Gb

Was a huge tall spikey plant , with very sharp long thorns on , quite tall and bushy . Not good to have when you have children as dangerous .

On plant not sure ?



I can understand your concern but it seems unfair on the plant. Do you know what it is? your children might enjoy the plant and the insects and birds it brings into the garden. if you teach them how to play around it you might be able to keep it. it is the same with eating plants, many can case tummy upsets but if they are taught not to every one is a winner.

You could prune it down to a more manageable size as an option too.

if you really do want to remove it then prune it down to a few inches then apply something like sbk root/stump killer.

11 Apr, 2009

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