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By Babsal

Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom Gb

would you believe that I planted a paeony about 20 yrs ago. It is still alive but it has never flowered or or bushed up. Every year I notice that it is still there and live in hope. I raised it a few years ago because I read somewhere that it liked being near the surface but to no avail. My soil is very sandy but most other plants grow well. Any hope do you think?




Your lucky the paeony is surviving... it needs an acid soil with lots of humus You can buy a peat free ericaceous compost in all garden centres; lift the paeony make a descent size hole and fill with the compost - good luck!

10 Apr, 2009


Wait until the top growth has died down in autumn before lifting it. I would also advise giving it a heavy feed each spring (now would be a good time) - I think your light soil is not giving it enough sustenance to build up enough strength to flower

10 Apr, 2009


Peonies are one of the plants that really sulk if they are moved. They sulk by not flowering for a year or 2. If you do lift it, try and keep as much soil with the roots as possible.

If you don't want to move it, I would try mulching it with the compost that Moon grower recommends. But certainly give it a good feed now would help, and again at early summer.

Good luck, post photo's if it does flower!!

10 Apr, 2009


Mine are growing in a very chalky soil and flower well. Wait until autumn to lift it. take as much soil with it as poss and then it wont 'know' its been moved. i do this with mine and only one ever sulked. [the others hadnt read the books haha!]

10 Apr, 2009


Hmmm, I'm afraid I'd have to disagree about it needing an acid soil. Light and well drained yes, but not necessarily acid. They do hate being waterlogged, so I think, if it's not flowered after 20 years, it's never going to. Sorry, *cry*.

14 Apr, 2009

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