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can I plant a jasmine in a pot?

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I really want to have a fragrant jasmine growing up near my front door. The ground is always soggy ( run off from a wooded area that is higher than us). Can I do it in a pot and if so how big a pot?



i dont see why you cant grow in a pot, try to get as large a pot as poss, and make sure it is well watered during the growing season, also add some growmore or blood/fish/bone to the soil during planting

8 Apr, 2009


A 12inch (10litre) pot will support it for several years,Make sure it is well drained and the pot if plastic, shielded from frost in the winter

8 Apr, 2009


Hi i have a jasmine in a large pot the smell is great it has grown up my trellis i love it good luck.

8 Apr, 2009


Hi, yes I, too, have a Jasminium Grandiflorum growing in a large tub by the front porch. It has now reached the base of the balcony outside our bedroom and the wonderful scent wafts in on summer evenings. Go for it Anne!

9 Apr, 2009


Hi i am sure you know but if not buy the evergreen Jasminum the leaves all winter stay green mine is lovely .

9 Apr, 2009


Oh, bummer.
More money now, 'cause I want one in a pot, lol.

3 May, 2009

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