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Do trailing fuschias need stopping?


By Dicky

I have some small trailing fuschias and need to know whether or not to stop the tips



Hi Dicky,

No, you shouldn't stop the tips of your trailing fuchsias as they produce new flowers as the tips grow longer, you would also stop them from trailing! Neither of which I imagine would please you!

8 Apr, 2009


Sorry Balcony - I would disagree with you a little there. I would pinch them out when they are young once, maybe twice, and then allow them to grow the long stems that will flower. That way you'll end up with more flowering stems. There is plenty of time for them to grow, get pinched out, and regrow, before flowering time.

8 Apr, 2009


You are quite right, Sid, I also thought about that but didn't say anything because they have a natural tendency to make new branches once they start flowering.

I have a couple of lovely trailing fuchsias on my balcony & after the initial cut back of the dead stems, about now, I never touch them again & they grow & flower profusely all summer. The plants are about 3 years old now.

I'll look through my photos of fuchsias on my computer to see if I can find any of the trailing ones.

8 Apr, 2009


Hi Balcony - us gardeners can't agree on anything can we LOL Come to think of it, I have an old trailing fuchsia that is starting back into growth now and it has loads of new shoots - that one wouldn't need pinching out. I was thinking Dicky probably had young plants or plugs starting off.


8 Apr, 2009


Agree with Sid on this if young plugs and pinch out on3rd pair of leaves .

Pleass post us photos.

9 Apr, 2009

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