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Fragrant shrubs to mask an unpleasant smell


By Sajhdr

United Kingdom Gb

My neighbours guide dog uses their garden as a toilet. Although it is regularly cleaned and disinfected the smell seems to waft over the fence at all times. Can anyone recommend a good fragrant shrub that will mask the smell so that we can enjoy our garden especially as summer is coming.



I would suggest Jasmine officinale `clotted cream` it has a powerful scent that absolutely fills the air om a warm summers evening, its a hardy perennial and climbs readily with a little training,

Hope this helps.....


7 Apr, 2009


Somebody put a diaper on that pup's butt!!!!!!
Lol, Passiflora has many species that are fragrant, will grow quickly. Maybe they can help?

7 Apr, 2009


Nicotina for annual bedding, or stocks, they have a lovely perfume, i have a shrub of Mock Orange(grows fairly quickly too) thats very powerful!
Don't they take the dog for walks? I know it's a guide dog but presumably it does go for a walk?

7 Apr, 2009


Maybe have a word with neighbour, or local council if problem persists. No one should have to put up with the smell of doggy-doo.

7 Apr, 2009


Hi, I have used a couple of plants in my garden for the same reason as yours. The plants I have used are the following:
Gardenia - All Varieties

Jasmine - Trachleospermum jasminioides
- Jasmine polyanthum

Frangipani - All Varieties

Port Wine Magnolia - Michelia

Lavender - French

I hope this will help you

8 Apr, 2009


Mock orange is very fragrant and will perfume all your garden. Problem is it only flowers for a few weeks in spring. Can you plant a combination of different things?
Daphne is quite strong, some roses are also very fragrant especially the David Austins - "Gertrude Jekyll", "Abraham Darby" and "Sharifa Alma" to name a few. There is a miniature rose called "Sweet Chariot" that smells wonderfully strong for such a small shrub. Buddleia is fragrant for the later summer months.
Hope you solve your problem.

8 Apr, 2009


Thanks for all your replies.

As the dog is a working guide dog it goes out for walks to lead its owner so cannot be toileted then. If it did the owner could not see it to clear it up anyway. It would be heartless to take action against them and I am not sure what the council could ask then to do any differently - it is cleaned and desinfected daily but Jeyes Fluid is almost as strong a smell as the problem.

I'll have to get down to the garden centre to try some of your plant suggestions.

8 Apr, 2009

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