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By Tigga

w yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi everyone! thinking of having a small water feature( v small garden) solar powered i think would be easiest? any ideas please? funds are low , so reasonable price is essential, or any easy ideas for home made please( not very good at d i y) kind regards



I think it is worth mentioning that some solar powered water features only work when sun is directly on them, rather than storing up the energy for use later, as some others do. If it is one of the first kind, where you put it is going to be crucial.

12 Jan, 2012


I've never seen a solar water feature that worked well... but that is just my personal p.o.v.

12 Jan, 2012


Googled this ... Try For other options type in ... solar panel water features. Choose carefully, as MG says above ... not all are what they seem. I have solar fairy lights that have been going for three years now, but their power usage is not the same as for a water feature.

12 Jan, 2012


You might be best going for a little dribble rather than a fountain. I keep hankering after one too but have not seen one I like - they all seem to be tacky. Making your own is a good bet if you can find the ingredients! Would be interested to hear how you go on please!

12 Jan, 2012


Even the small electric one we had clogged up regularly to the point we gave up and that was more of a dribble over 2 rock we had set side by side than a fountain.

12 Jan, 2012

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