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I have tomatoes,cumbers young plants in my green house. They seemed to be OK at first then because of the cold snap I put a greenhouse paraffin heater in. One plant has suddenly had edges of leaves turn black and wrinkled although it still seems to be alive., Could the heater fumes to have caused this. As it was a new heated there was a strong smell at first. The other plants are fine should I get rid of this one will it be all right the eat fruit. I have not used heater since.



Hi, i used a parrafin heater and found the same, try turning the wick down until it is `smokeless` and most importantly ventilate your greenhouse during the daytime, as the fumes are toxic when they build up to excessive levels, alternatively switch to an electric heater ( see PARASENES website ) but you`ll get them cheaper on Ebay ), electric is so much more plant friendly and all you need to do is set it at the temperture you need and forget about it, i ditched my parrafin heater and have never looked back after switching to electric. They are not expensive to run as they only switch on when reqiured.

Hope this helps.............


6 Apr, 2009

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