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Lisianthus are they hard to grow. I'm interested in some plug plants from Van Meuwen



Not frost hardy, so grown as annuals here only, unless you keep them in a greenhouse or as houseplants, and even then, hard to keep them going for a second season. Like lightish soil, reasonable amount of sun.

9 Jan, 2012


tried to grow them from seed no joy though, so plugs are a good option . agree with bamboo re cultivation.

9 Jan, 2012


thanks for your advice. hope they will be ok in my mini greenhouse. I had the impression they were tempremental but if they're no more difficult than any other annual plug then I'm getting them !

9 Jan, 2012


Bear in mind the half hardy bit though - they'll need heat in the greenhouse till summer.

9 Jan, 2012


I found them tempremental!... but I,m pleased I tried
In a cold Gh in individual clay pots they all eventually had flowers which pleased me but some looked wilted if I watered them and others if I didn,t!.

10 Jan, 2012

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